Marti McGinnis is an artist originally from Chicago who now lives and creates art from the side of an extinct volcano where she is exposed to the magic of Mesoamerican societal remnants ages old and Mexican culture as alive as ever.

Charmed Surrealism

This site is dedicated to her “Charmed Surrealism” work. This was a term invented for the colorfully popular work created in the last century by Marc Chagall. You can see inklings of the influences from that popular practitioner of the initiation of the surrealistic movement but also in the splashes and exuberances of more contemporary creatives.

Colorful Dreams + Hopeful Wishes

McGinnis lets the alchemy of study, observation and practice impact her creative flow as she draws and paints and considers the hidden worlds of her dreams, hopes and imagination. The results are exuberant and dense realizations that intermix color and shape with icons from ancient peoples and the animal kingdom. Most notable in her work is one of her best friends, the Horse, a mythic being throughout its entire history with human kind.


Recent Work