Marti’s work dives deeply into the worlds of dreams…..

Marti McGinnis is an artist originally from Chicago who now lives and creates art from the side of an extinct volcano where she is exposed to the magic of Mesoamerican societal remnants ages old and Mexican culture as alive as ever.

In the fall of 2018 Marti delved deeply into creating a body of work that she designed to help people begin proactively addressing their mortality. Her shrouds found a unique place in the newly surfacing “death positive” movement.

Recent Paintings

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Artist Statement

My work is an internally generated and externally inspired amalgam of color, symbols and imagery. The mixture freely emanates from my imagination and a deep connection with the muses who check in with me on my creative journey. Myths and stories from the world over and beyond find their way into my awareness and drop pieces of themselves off to be refashioned and re-understood by my work.

Old symbols and icons ask to be included as do the new. Quantum mechanics plays its role insofar as I can wrap my mind around the explanations available to laypeople. And then there are innocent spirits. Winged people, people of no particular ethnicity and animals. Lots and lots of animals. Earthly beings who have never lost their links with Source, story and the larger connection.

My adventurous husband and I live with horses, dogs, cats and a plethora of undomesticated beings who call the highlands of central Mexico home. My home is situated on the side of an extinct volcano the ancient and modern people have celebrated for countless generations as a primal source of energy and inspiration. Plants, insects, boulders and weather all nudge at me to be included in my work. I allow it. I celebrate it. I am grateful for it.



Charmed Surrealism

This site is dedicated to Marti’s mixed media “Charmed Surrealism” work (see her HappyArt pop art here). This was a term invented for the colorfully popular work created in the last century by Marc Chagall. You can see inklings of the influences from that popular practitioner of the initiation of the surrealistic movement but also in the splashes and exuberances of more contemporary creatives.

McGinnis lets the alchemy of study, observation and practice impact her creative flow as she draws and paints and considers the hidden worlds of her dreams, hopes and imagination. The results are exuberant and dense realizations that intermix color and shape with icons from ancient peoples and the animal kingdom. Most notable in her work is one of her best friends, the Horse, a mythic being throughout its entire history with human kind.