Almost every legitimate business or organization has a Page on Facebook these days. There was a time when doing so seemed pretty optional, but these days it’s pretty much the go-to source of information for many social media users. While you still need a great website too, you really do have to put some energy into your Facebook Page.

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The Joy on Facebook Pages is pretty easy after all!

The good news it’s really not that difficult to get right. Basically you’re just making sure your presence there is engaging and social. I see tons of organizations sort of fail at this mostly through neglect or plain not knowing. So below are 13+ tips I learned to use to ensure my Fans are happy with each one of the Pages I run.


  1. Invite their opinions
  2. Answer their questions, messages and comments that call for a response
  3. Like their comments – each and every one – to acknowledge you saw their post
  4. Ask their help – and mean it – you can use the Questions Feature to do this or just ask in a comment
  5. Share secrets with them
  6. Give them a special deal now and then
  7. Encourage them to ask questions
  8. Inspire them to emulate one of your best practices
  9. Give them content to share
  10. When you post a link, article, photo or other content – let them know how it relates to what you’re up to – tell them what the value is for them!
  11. Share stories that go along with your Mission – even the slightly uncomfortable learning ones – but do get to the learning part!
  12. Always, always be kind to anyone who has reached out even when you might not agree with what they’ve said or done
  13. Delete content that doesn’t support your Mission – but wait a moment, or an hour, in case one of your other fans steps up to support your Mission for you! <—- this is a tricky one, but, oh, so powerful when it happens.

Bonus Joy:

Use Facebook as Your Page now and then to go out and connect with other Facebook Pages.

This builds rapport throughout the community you create this way. Like their stuff, comment on their content, share the wealth of your presence on others’ Pages at least once a week.

Go to your Page and on the upper right menu select this option!

Go to your Page and on the upper right menu select this option!

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