Marti McGinnis is a Chicago artist who now lives and creates art from the side of an extinct volcano where she is exposed to the magic of Mesoamerican societal remnants ages old and Mexican culture as alive as ever.

Recently, she began creating a body of work often referred to as “Charmed Surrealism” also practiced by Marc Chagall, Andre Breton and Andre Masson. But perhaps Leonora Carrington is her favorite of them all. You can see inklings of the influences from these giants of the surrealistic movement of the last century but also in the splashes and exuberances of more contemporary creatives. McGinnis allows herself to let the alchemy of these great minds impact the buzz in her own psyche as she draws and paints and considers the hidden worlds of her dreams, hopes and imagination.

Pictured below recent work…..

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Music Expands Memories

Music Expands Memories Music expands memories forward and backward. How? By setting the tone to your intentions as you prepare for an event. A trip. A party. A transition. Whatever. I'll give two examples. A Birthday Party As i prepared for a large...

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Find Inspiration in France and Italy

Last year I hatched a scheme to celebrate achieving an important birthday milestone (60). I wanted to do something that would challenge me physically and embed me deep in countryside far from home where I might find inspiration. I choose France. How To...

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How To Build A Painting

When I want to 'build a painting' I follow a sort of creative recipe that I'm inventing for my new work. So, to make one of my 'charmed surrealism' paintings I use different aspects of my creative process. These pieces are built up in layer after layer of...

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Drawing with No Figures is a Challenge!

Drawing With NO Figures is a Challenge My art has deep roots in the world of whimsy and cartoons so drawing with no figures is a challenge! My hand has a natural tendency to draw an animal in this corner reaching towards another animal or flower just over there. But...

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