Third in the series, we’re now on to that characteristic of a design pro that deals with the work output.

A Design Professional Offers Multiple Solutions to a Challenge.

With any design project there are always multiple ways to solve the challenges at hand. In many cases this is why rough sketches can be such a great way to start the process!

Some designers are handy enough with their tools that their ‘initial sketches’ look more like actual finished mock-ups of your web site, magazine, book or ad. But because they know what they’re doing these gorgeous outlines have been created in ways that are fully flexible so they can try out all sorts of changes for you to review.

It’s reasonable for you to ask for choices. A professional designer will have included approriate compensation for this in your initial Contract or Agreement. Don’t skip over this or you’re tightrope walking without a net.

You’ll be delighted at how the design will ultimately improve as you process the changes with successive iterations. Happens all the time. It’s the proof that 1+1=2+ This is the synergy magic of the design process. Oh it can get a little dicey during this phase of your working relationship – egos can come to bear here and there – but professionals will stick with it and trust the process. Your perseverance at this stage will pay off with something exponentially better than what you started with and a design pro knows this. Almost never fails.

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