Continuing in my series on helping you understand the traits of a professional designer – we’re now on to the part where you begin to learn what this person is made of professionally.

A Design Professional Asks a Lot of Questions About Your Projects Wants, Needs and Goals.

If they don’t seem too interested in your project one of two things might be happening:

  • They’re confused
  • They don’t care

Either way this isn’t good news for your project. A good designer asks all sorts of questions about what your wants, needs and goals are with the proposed project. Heck a good designer may even seem like they’re asking too many questions or unrelated ones – because this person is trying to understand your project from multiple points of view.


While you may see your web site as a selling point for your products, a great designer will also take deeply into account how that project is going to function and be perceived by your potential audiences and customers.

A design pro (image, graphic, web, etc) knows it’s part of our responsibility to consider all sides of a project when we’re allowed to (and you should always encourage us in this) because our fresh eyes may discover aspects you’ve simply overlooked due to your daily proximity.

The questions we ask help us help you identify your projects wants, needs and goals in ways you may very well haven’t thought of. That is part of the esoteric value we can bring to your business. That’s a true ‘no extra charge’ bonus you get when you work with a pro.

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