Resume – recent fine art + craft projects

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  • Created a whole new body of paintings and launched a website to accompany them. See them at
  • Invented the concept of the Art Shroud and had a solo show at La Huipilista Gallery in San Miguel de Allende. Details and photos here.



  • Participated in 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge
  • Began fundraising and working on (writing and illustrating) animal kindness book project to be produced next year
  • Striving to create at least 52 new paintings throughout this year (one a week)
  • Created a new series of fabric design available here
  • Began offering customized original drawings for one-of-a-kind handmade leather cowgirl boots. Details here.


  • Created a new body of paintings
  • Published the second volume of 400 drawings “Dream Drawings to Color
  • Moved to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


  • Release of new book: “400 Mornings
  • Participated in a host of prestigious Art Fairs
  • New Body of Paintings
  • Initiated work on next book of 400 drawings


Showing Felted decorative and functional pieces in top tier regional art shows including:

  • Lower Town Art Fair – Paducah, KY (Award of Excellence)
  • Ann Arbor Original Art Fair, Ann Arbor, MI
  • AFB Woodland Art Fair, Lexington, KY
  • Art in Speed Park – (Merit Award)


Began studying the art of felting.

April – Began creating a body of felted work to go back out into the world of art shows!

2004 – 2011

Moved to Kentucky. Got horses. Became deeply involved in equine management and rescue. Digital designwork increased. Began focusing on horses in my creative output, paintings mostly.

1999 – 2004


Continued with the fine craft on the national level through the same high-end venues. Added digital design to the career to save my hands.

1989 – 1999


Sold fine craft at outdoor art fairs from Wisconsin to Florida. Proceeded to sell work at ACC and Rosen fine craft shows selling a variety of items from hand cut aluminum ornaments on to carved wooden lamps. My work, though ever-evolving in media has always been cartoony, colorful and optimistic. No exceptions.

A Couple Select Awards

Most recent:

  • 2012, three ribboned and cash awards at summer art shows
  • Guest Blogger – Creativity – Dr Greene blog – international blog
  • 2010 Alltech A+ International Videography World Equestrian Games


Through the years I have been lucky enough to have garnered attention from juries and won miscellaneous awards for all kinds of creative output It is always an honor to be so recognized – but I hope you agree it is an even higher one to have a piece be selected by each and every person who has ever bought from me to add to into his or her life or to give as a gift. This is something for which I am always grateful. Other Projects: I currently write two blogs (, ) Coauthored a book with one of my dogs “CANS: The Life’s Work of an Optimistic Dog”. Wrote and illustrated “HapiLani: The Natural History of a Dreamland” both in 2010. Personal Mission Statement: To add smiles onto the globe.


All available on

  • 400 Mornings
  • Dream Drawings
  • Cans: The Life’s Work of an Optimistic Dog
  • Who’s Who in Equine Compassion
  • HapiLani: The Natural History of a Dream Land


Shows prior to events listed above:



Open Studio (“HapiLani Redux”) at Lexington Art Center’s Loudan House 4th Friday Event


Equine Portraiture

Melanee Cooper Gallery, 740 Frankline, Chicago, IL



Published first “perzine” (personal zine) in cartoon form called:

HappyArt.Com/ix Vol. 1, No. 1 – “Moving to Kentucky!”


Moved to Kentucky


HapiLani Revisited (More work like below)

Melanee Cooper Gallery, 740 N. Franklin, Chicago, IL



“Fragments From Elsewhere – Other Wordly Curiosities” – Saville Gallery, Cumberland, MD. Opens March 8th. A solo show of the ‘findings’ I have made as a discoverer of a different world. Sculpture, paintings, drawings, assemblages and other ‘artifacts’ from my journey.


HapiLani (Similar to above)

Melanee Cooper Gallery, 740 N. Franklin, Chicago, IL


 Big Idea

A sequential web based art show in which I painted one painting a day for about 160 days during the first half of the year. See all here on my site.


Focused on illustration and animation for greeting card companies and



New York Internation Gift Fair – NYC – January



HandMade – New York Int’l Gift Fair, Jan. 30-Feb 3. George Little Management, Javitts Center Pavillion, New York, NY. Booth #9127 As “Martoons”, Showed latest fine craft and accessories.


Creative Workshop on a beach in the Southern Philippines with a German greeting card company, Perleberg. A wonderful invitational experience in which a collective of artists from all over the world were generously treated to a creative frenzy! Archie Perleberg, the owner of the company, sponsors this endeavor as a means to getting the freshest designs from the most relaxed artists on earth!


“Licensing ’99!” – The international licensing show. June 8-10, as MARTI! Avanstar/Expocon Group. Javitts Center, New York, NY. Showed 2 & 3-dimensional illustrations, characters and fully developed concepts to manufacturers, publishers and entertainment industry executives.


HandMade – New York. As “Martoons”, showed latest fine crafts and accessories


International BookFair, Frankfurt, Germany. Showed paintings and illustrations in the artist’s section.



 HandMade – New York. Showed wooden lamps, accessories and poetry reliefs.


 Portfolio Presentation Open House. Sponsored by the Graphic Artists’ Guild – Chicago Chapter. The Three Arts Building. Chicago, IL. Showed my portfolio of cartoon-y fun.


“Licensing ’98!”. Introduced “The Happy Noodlers” and other characters.


ACC Chicago, showed wooden sculptures and lamps.


HandMade – New York Int’l Gift Fair, showed lamps, poetry signs and clocks.



HandMade – New York Int’l Gift Fair. Showed wooden lamps, poetry plaques and happiness shrines.


Buyer’s Market of American Craft – The Rosen Group, Philadelphia. Fine and production American Crafts. Showed mirrors, Happiness Shrines and wall pieces.


SURTEX. Surface and Textile Design show by George Little Management Company. At The Javitts Center, New York, NY. Was featured artist and made a lobby presentation titled “Fear No Surface” in which I painted or created over 30 different permanent surfaces (a 1997 Saturn car, clothing, cans, glass, paper, silk, tiles, etc.).


Handmade – New York Int’l Gift Fair. Lamps, poetry plaques and garden signs.


“Around the Coyote” Art walk – Chicago, IL. The largest art walk of the midwest. Sold paintings and sculpture in my studio.


“Portfolio Open House”, The Puck Building, New York, NY. Sponsored by the Graphic Artists’ Guild, presented an assemblage of portfolio materials, mostly 2-D.


The International Book Fair – Artists section, Frankfurt, Germany. Dealer sold NEW paintings.



HandMade – New York Int’l Gift Fair, showed my tin toons, ornaments, garden sticks, and mobiles.


 Buyer’s Market of American Craft – Philadelphia


“Marti!”, Antiquites Gallery, L’Ardeche, France. Solo exhibition of new paintings.


“Neu Von Marti!” (New from Marti!), Scala Gallerie, Hamburg, Germany. Solo exhibition of new paintings.


Handmade – New York Int’l Gift Fair, showed my tin toons; ornaments, Lurch Boxes, mixed media dolls, etc.


 “Around the Coyote” Art Walk. Showed large paintings.

 Other Gallery Highlights……



“Neu von Marti!”, Slutsky Gallery, Franfurt, Germany. 30 recent paintings in a solo show.


The Art Car Parade, Chicago, IL. Art cars from around the U.S. were organzied and driven through the Wicker Park neighborhood. Mine was my 1984 Beauville van; painted!


“Artes” catalog of art. A major contemporary art catalog throughout Europe; showed one-of-a-kind painted suitcases, next to Picasso lithos and Herring originals.


Hanna Bekker von Rath Gallerie, Frankfurt, Germany. 3 person show. Showed paintings and painted suitcases.

 and…..In January, 1990, I broke into the U.S. national scene by having my firstwholesale booth in the

Buyer’s Market in Coconut Grove, Florida. From there to San Francisco, West Springfield, Miami, Annaheim, Germany, France……lots of places, lots of fun! I have participated in a host of art events that have allowed me to help people smile all over the globe. I am among the lucky ones who has made a living selling my art. And I’m just getting warmed up!

1991 – 1996.…annual creative trips to a tiny enclave outside Frankfurt, Germany, where I made as much art as I could in usually around 3 weeks and left it with my dealer, Norby (Norbert Haun – Dreier Verlag and Galerie), who has sold the work all over Germany, lots of group shows in galleries, and beyond. My first solo show in Germany was in January 1991 and sold out in an evening!


Ragdale Fine Art, Lake Forest, IL  – Mixed Media “Natural History of a Happy Land

Blueberry View Artists’ Retreat, St Joseph, MI – Cans – Photography and book collaboration with a dog