Happy 2014!

The last year was so good for my little new media marketing business I ran into some bumps in the road having to do with scheduling all the projects I was getting. Not cool! I want to make sure each and every person who entrusts me to help them gets the professional work they deserve. To help me get better at this under this new paradigm of being busier I’m inventing a better way for people to assign my services for themselves.

Regular Super Effective New Media Tasks

Mind you, this will probably be a bit of a work in progress, but my goal is to encourage folks who like regular attention from me for their projects to go ahead and map out what that looks like time and budget-wise for their project. I can help you figure out how to envision what that looks like as far as time needed for doing things like:

  • maintaining an active and engaging Facebook Page, Twitter Account, LinkedIn profile, Google+, etc
  • Researching, Sourcing, Writing and Posting blog entries
  • Creating, Writing, Editing and Scheduling email marketing campaigns

Marketing Books


Lots of you are authoring amazing books that end up here with my help!

I’m currently putting together a Program for Efficiently and Effectively Marketing Your Self Published books as well. This will be an integrative approach that utilizes all the platforms we decide have the best chance of accomplish your goals of connecting your book with its best audiences.

Web Sites

I already have mapped out a series of choices for deciding what sort of web site service you might want from me here.

New Priorities

As with any small business entrepreneur one of my most difficult challenges is to get as much work as I can handle without getting overwhelmed or inundated. What I’ve done in the past is discussed goals and plans with clients and then tackled those effectively and efficiently hoping that I was:

  1. Spending Enough time for them
  2. Not spending too much time for them.

A bit of a guessing game for me, that I was never sure I had guessed correctly until I sent an invoice – which I was almost always tardy doing, prioritizing doing more actual work for others then my own housecleaning so to speak. Again, not cool. Too much guesswork for everyone and potential sticker shock for some which is never, ever the goal. Believe me I like everyone to be happy! You know that about me.



One thing is always certain: Change is a’comin’!

Let’s Make a Plan

So for 2014 what I’m proposing to do is connect with each and every active client and help you decide what, if any, regular work you might want from me and ask that you pay me in advance for that work in weekly or monthly installments that can change however you like, whenever you want. I don’t intend to lock people into any one level of service, but if I know what you want to spend for my help I can schedule you in ahead of any ‘drop in’ client and use to my time maximally (effectively and efficiently) on your behalf!

The current prices are right here.

I’m Trying to Work Smarter Too!

I’m also developing a “New Client Intake Form” to help me help people who inquire figure out if I’m a good fit for their project. You can take a peak at that right here. I’m designing these questions to help me ascertain where a potential client is in her thinking and help me help her discover if I’ve got what she needs to help her own work soar! Again, it’s a work in progress, but demonstrates what I’m doing to maximize my efficiency and effectiveness so I’m better able to focus on the work I’ve been assigned!

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