Commission a Shroud Questions

The following questions can serve as a thought guide for coming up with personalizations for your own shroud. Answering as many of these as you like will help Marti create a shroud that serves you now as well as later.

  • Where do you believe or hope you will be going when you die?
  • How do you like to picture what might be your new existence in the afterlife?
  • What quotes or spiritual verses would you like Marti to use on your piece?
  • What symbols resonate with you? (feel free to create a Pinterest board for this purpose)
  • What do you wish you could take with you when you due?
  • quotes
  • books
  • photos
  • names to look up
  • charms, amulets, etc…..
  • Who do you hope to reunite with? People, Animals, historic figures…..
  • Have you got a favorite saint?
  • Do you want a religious figure or symbol included?
  • Have you got a spiritual guide?
  • Favorite colors?
  • Which of Marti’s shrouds resonate with you?
  • What style would you like? Kimono, flat, winding sheet, urn or pillow cover, folio, other?


The links below discuss these topics in detail: