So now we’ve come to the part in this series that always just blows me away when I hear about designers behaving this way. We started our series here, by the way.

A Professional Designer Doesn’t Bully You.

Oh yes, it happens. Embarrassingly often by non-professional designers. I don’t know for sure what their underlying motivation is for such behavior but I suspect it’s to hide some sort of lack in competency. I figure the only reason a designer wouldn’t want to send a Master file or allow access to the back-end of a web site is because they have something to hide. Maybe they don’t want to show how they made it.

Hey, we’ve all run up against needing to make some shorthand ‘fudges’ from time to time that allow us to fix a shortfall in a design in a ‘down and dirty’ manner that gets the job done but is probably pretty clunky looking to another design pro. I’m not talking about these situations. After all, deadlines come to play and sometimes that’s the expedient, if inelegant, solution that brings the job in on time, within budget.

A design professional will make sure you get the final editable copy of a Master document used to create the project you’ve asked for. It’s reasonable for them to provide a version in several usable forms too (pdfs, eps, jogs, etc). I’ve inserted the word editable and bolded it so you understand creative documents these days are often composed in many layers and for you to be able to interact with or change individual components you need the layered version of the piece. Ok, you may not need it, but the designer you’ve lined up to help out with it does.

So what about the the webmaster who really believes he is some sort of Master of your web sit?. He’s the one who may well be in over his head in promises, behind in his car payments and underbid your project. A guy like this has a whole lot of reasons to keep you and anyone else who might be representing you from back-end access to your site. Mostly the reasons are going to be he’s muffed it up somehow and doesn’t want anyone dinking around back there. He’ll get caught with his pants down. Never pretty.

A professional webmaster understands there are all sorts of ways to legitimately protect a website from accidental mayhem and can assign admin access accordingly. And just to reiterate – you get to maintain supreme admin power in case all hell breaks loose and you have to fire a certain ego-inflated you-know-who. You may not know what you’re doing – but at least he won’t be able to hold your online presence ransom like I’ve witnessed others suffer and pay for!

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