Equine Equation Large Painting

36″ x 36″

Mixed Media: acrylic paint, chalk, oil pastel, gold leaf, pencil, gouache and water color. Sealed with a polyurethane that brightens and enriches the colors.


Panel is 36″ x 36″ square and about 1.5″ deep constructed of wood. Does not need to be framed.

$1600 each includes free DHL or FedEx shipping to USA, Canada or Mexico. Other countries please contact for quote.

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Equine Equations

$1600 includes free shipping as indicated above

This  painting passionately brings together a Chagall-like fanciful land of dreams with abstract expressionism and what Marti likes to call  her own”Charmed Surrealism”. The genesis with this particular painting, as it is with so many of these new works of Marti McGinnis, is her wish to blend the familiar with some quixotically fanciful icons to create a synthesis that delights and opens up lines of questioning.

The angel figure ethereally anchors a suggestion of the afterlife (in the cat skeleton) and the galactic on the suggestion of exploding stars and suns. The element of the quantum is given a prominent place suggesting both the minute and the scale of solar systems.Purple spirals call to mind the cyclical nature of existence and the mathmatcs of the horse figure imply there may be a logical way to understand all of existence.

So this is a hugely hopeful and bright iece!

These pieces take many hours to work out and create. Marti hopes you enjoy viewing, owning and sharing these images as she does bringing them into being.







The UNDERPAINTING layers of this piece: