There is an art and little bit of science to posting as a Facebook Page. Below are some guidelines to help you get the most out of your efforts!

First of all, it’s great to remember why we set up and run our Facebook pages in the first place. If you’re representing a business, then you are probably hoping to accomplish several important tasks such as some or all of the following:

  • Connect with existing customers or clients
  • Connect with potential customers or clients
  • Share information that represents the overarching Mission of your business (you DO have a Mission Statement, don’t you?)
  • Keep your name ‘out there’ in a positive way
  • Announce specials
  • Establish the ‘personality‘ of your business
  • Reach out to your communities
  • Build good will

Common Mis-steps:

  • Posting all at once rather than parsing out posts to appear at different times, on different days
  • Accidentally letting a political (or religious or other inappropriate topics) insinuate itself into your posts
  • Being boring
  • Going for the sell too much
  • Not staying on message for your goals with the page

Some Best Practices

Establish and then follow a routine.
There are all sorts of ways to accomplish this. For example you can do a certain type of post for each day of the week (advice Mondays, Tips Tuesdays, Rants Wednesdays, Jokes on Thursdays, Photo Fridays, etc). This helps you find and organize content as well as starts to give people a little reason to check in with you for their favorite sort of post – especially after you’ve established your routine and have a reputation for creating and/or curating awesome content for your page!

Interact with EVERY comment that comes your way.
Yes even negative ones. People want to know you’ve seen what they’ve written. Often liking their comment is sufficient, but many times a comment, answer to a query or other acknowledgement to their effort to reach out lets the person know you’re paying attention to them as an individual. If they’ve made a negative statement, then you don’t have to ‘like’ it, but you do need to respond to it. Because arguments never go well out in public, encourage the negative commenter to get in touch with you via private email or message and address their concerns as you would do so normally. This also send the message to the rest of your followers that you are happy to open a dialogue which is in and of itself great information for them to know about your business!

Provide Engaging content!
Depending on your overall Mission, you should post links, videos, blog posts, articles and other content that aligns with your message without detracting from nor competing with your own business. Sometimes these will be from your own internet wanderings and other times it will content you’ve actually created yourself.

Be predictable but not too Predictable.
Over time, if you’ve been consistent, your followers will come to know your routine and may even actually look forward to your updates. I run a page for my miniature horse who is as snarky as can be. Now my overarching Mission with the posts I make for him are to entertain and get a laugh or a gentle rise out of his followers. My underlying private goal with the page is to play with the Facebook Page power and test it’s usefulness on behalf of my clients. Iota has fans that are about as nutty as he is and the banter that happens entertains all the rest of his followers. People even notice when he doesn’t post (he posts every single day of the week at different times of day). That could be a drag especially when I want an actual day off, but Facebook lets me set up posts for the future so I can tackle five days’ worth of posts in one sitting by scheduling them out. Check him out here.

Iota McHippus

Iota McHippus


Ask your followers for their opinions!
Ask questions,  post a photo of a project you’re doing and ask for their input. People love to share their advice!

Run an Occasional Contest or giveaway.
But be sure to follow the current rules.

 Go for a Sale about 5% of the time, and entertain the other 95% of the time.
Entertain, inform, amuse, connect, listen, share and do everything else you can think to add value to your fans’ days, as this is what begins to set your page up as a trusted resource. Once you’ve established trust then making the next connection towards a sell or buy-in of some kind is a natural next step. In so many ways this is among the very best ways of doing business ever created! Have fun with it!


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