You’re not the only one! There’s been a lot of scuttlebutt lately about the changes Facebook has been making behind the scenes and largely unannounced to the way business Pages operate on Facebook.

Profile or Page?

Just as a refresher; your personal profile is the part of Facebook where you connect with your friends. Your Facebook Page is the additional feature you created for your organization or business that acts a bit differently than your personal space.


Some recent changes have been Facebook has started to limit the number of views your Page’s posts (status updates, posted photos, etc) deliberately to encourage you to consider paying for further coverage. Facebook is a business and this is partially how they’ve decided to raise more money. There’s a ton of talk about whether or not this is a good idea. A ton. But let’s just accept for the sake of argument that this is how it it is right now.

How Do We Get More Page Views?

…without having to pay for them? While you won’t be able to reach everyone who’s liked your page there are some practices that work well to increase your chances of getting seen. These are:

  • Like the comment whenever anyone comments on your page – at the very minimum. They’ll see that you liked it when they log back on and chances are they may come to your page to check it out.
  • Comment back in a positive way whenever you can. Comments are an even more powerful insurance that the people who are engaging with your content will see your page. Use your own comments to your advantage by keeping them positive, or funny, or thoughtful – never negative! You want the reaction to be a good one, no matter what. Others will read the comments even if they don’t weigh in – so stay positive!
  • Create content that invites people to share it. This means you may have to get pretty creative. People love to laugh, smile and be inspired – so think of ways to create posts that will help us do that. Then be sure to invite us to share the post with our friends. Have you ever seen a photo of a sad puppy with a funny caption that says something like “I’ll bet this puppy can’t get 10,000 likes” and it already has 50,000? As crazy and as obvious as it seems – this sort of thing works!

Engaging with the few viewers your page gets organically will help increase the chances that your content will be elevated in the Facebook newsfeed algorithms – which decoded means more people will see it!

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