Have you bumped into Google+ yet? It’s a social marketing product being rolled out by the world’s largest search engine (Google) that seeks to create a better more all encompassing online interface for people (and businesses in the near future) that brings together aspects of the most successful social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogging, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc) into one place.

It’s just getting started – only 20 million users – all mostly ‘early adopters – vs the 750 million using Facebook right now – but so far the feedback is excellent and the upgrades are resonating well with these first tier users.

Some more info about Google+:
In the U.S., Google has already achieved 13 percent market penetration. An additional 16 million users are expected to register in the U.S. within the next 12 months. That would put Google+ at an estimated 22 percent market penetration, compared to a current penetration of 19 percent for LinkedIn, 18 percent for Twitter, and 14 percent for MySpace. Survey Predicts Google+ Will Pass Twitter, LinkedIn in 2012


Great article about Google+ and where it’s headed:





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