Great logos that convey the right message and are themselves useful across many platforms are very tricky to design – because they have to encapsulate the sum total of your organization’s mission within a quick clean visual.

Here are some tips for designing the perfect logo!

  1. Make it Timeless
  2. Make it Appropriate
  3. Make it Adaptable
  4. Make it Unique

A Logo doesn’t:

  • have to say what the organization does
  • have to include a visual depicting what the organization does

Time and again, the more professional the organization – the clearer the logo:

BIG companies – Simpler Logos

Important Point: A Simple Logo Aids Recognition


This logo is for a famous tech company and doesn’t depict any of its products in any form!

Need some inspiration?

Here’s a whole slew of great logos!

Get Started with YOURS!

  1. Write your organization’s name – the name that you will be doing business as
  2.  Add your tagline if you have one
  3. Write down what your organizations does, make or provides
  4. Find 3 logos of those you would consider to be your competitors
  5. Find 3 examples of logos you love
  6. Bonus: write down WHY you love the logos you’ve chosen
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