Does this ever happen to you? I run several fairly popular Facebook pages and once in awhile a connection with their own Facebook Page will message me and ask to help publicize their project on my page

Hello, Competition?

Sometimes this is sort of like asking McDonald’s to advertise the great burgers at Wendy’s. Other times it’s just plain slipshod which is probably the result of one of two things:

  • The person asking hasn’t spent time thinking through their request (how does the exchange benefit the one doing you the favor?) or
  • they’re offering woefully incomplete information.

Crazy-Busy – But Maybe if…

apples-spareEither way I’m not going to spend a moment of my already crazy-busy days doing their work for them! It takes a dedicated effort to build an audience on any social media and if you run a presence for a project or business on one you know what I’m talking about. This is not something you are going to want to dilute with other’s message. As with anything there are exceptions. What are some?

  • If the ask is coming from a very active fan on your page and you want to reward their participation (if you can live with the message they want to convey)
  • If what they’re selling/asking/suggesting jibes with some key aspect of your own page’s Mission.
  • If you can figure out an equal exchange – where they may cross post something you’ve got on their network.
  • it just seems like the right thing to do. <— this can happen for ‘good causes‘.

Remember English 101?

However if it an ask that comes with a weak, misaligned with your Page’s goals message or insufficient information; skip it.

Free Pub

Yesterday my Page that has almost 1800 Fans was messaged to ‘promote’ a project that just didn’t have all the right information assembled. I spent time looking for answers that simply weren’t there. Specifically the “where” “how” and the “why” were left unanswered both by the information on their page and their main website! Now maybe they’ll get to finishing putting together their entire info package – but not having it when I looked was a turn off to me. If you’re like me you just don’t have the time to bring everyone up to speed on the ins and outs of social and new media promotion – especially when there are entire websites and blogs dedicated solely to doing just that.

Make it Attractive to MY Fans!

Had they put together some kind of offer, discount or deal for my Fans (and other online points of contact they were soliciting for free pub) that seemed somehow special or directed to them – I bet I would have gone through with helping them out. But as it was – it looked like an amatuerish outfit, so I am giving it a miss. For now. If they get their act together I might change my mind.


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