Hippo Dreams

Hippo Dreams Large Painting

36″ x 36″

Mixed Media: acrylic paint, chalk, oil pastel, gold leaf, pencil, gouache and water color. Sealed with a polyurethane that brightens and enriches the colors.


Panel is 36″ x 36″ square and about 1.5″ deep constructed of wood. Do not need to be framed.

$1600 each includes free DHL or FedEx shipping to USA, Canada or Mexico. Other countries please contact for quote.

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“Hippo Dreams”

$1600 includes free shipping as indicated above

This piece is an imaginary blend of important and powerful age-old images from the caves in southern Baja California Mexico and Fiona the baby hippopotamus that captured the hearts of million through the social media efforts of the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio, USA.

This multi-layered, richly dense piece is a playful amalgam of the liveliness of to be found when one blends dreams with imagination and real-world references. There is even a goddess like figure who represents the healthy balance of the natural world as well as a reindeer inspired by another Mexican petroglph but enhanced by Marti’s love of rainbows, those harbingers of growth and joy when the sun meets the rain.

These pieces take many hours to work out and create.