The evolution of logos is an interesting way to assess design trends through the years. It also helps identify how an icon can be honed to a minimized version of itself. In almost every case below you can see how an image changed from being a fairly busy symbol into a simplistic graphic.

When designing logos clients often seek to incorporate a great deal of information into a tiny package. That is always the challenged for the designer. They also hope to spend their resources on an image that will somehow rise above the current fashion and influences and stand apart through the years. In fact this often appears to have been accomplished but you’ll by reviewing these sets of changes that adjustments are snuck in without most of us every really noticing unless we look at the evolutions side by side.

Logos_Evolve_600I find this whole process fascinating. It’s astounding too when you consider how many multiple thousands of dollars went into the development of each and every iteration of each of these icons.

On  a personal note – I miss the 1977 Apple icon. 🙂

Recent Logo for a horsey client

Recent Logo for a horsey client

I wonder how this logo I designed for a horsemanship teacher will change?


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