Is your Facebook Page Kinda Snotty?

Mine sort of was completely by accident, until I figured a few things out about how people expected to interact with it. I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did, so I’m sharing some of the pretty simple things I’ve learned!

  • Acknowledge Fan’s comments or posts – even if it’s just with a simple statement
  • Like” fan’s comments (you don’t have to “like” them all – just the ones you actually do like!)
  • Comment back
  • Thank them when they take the time to post a link, or a photo or a video.
  • Ask for their opinions!
  • Ask for suggestions
  • Ask for feedback
  • Then, acknowledge their input when they step up!

If you don’t have the time to do these things – then change the settings on your Page so your Fans can’t – otherwise they’ll think you’re ignoring them, which, in fact you sort of are! As you probably know, doing so might be bad for business and certainly not what you created the Page for in the first place.

I would rather bump into a Page that doesn’t allow me to interact with it, than one that does but lets any comment or post I add just sit there in silence. When that happens I don’t feel loved. But that’s not the impact you want to have is it? You want every Fan who takes the time to visit your Page to feel good about their experience.

An Example

The photo I shared on the dude’s Page (his work doesn’t look like this any more – so I’m not ‘outing’ him by sharing this here, lol)

Yesterday I bumped into the Page of an artist I knew from way back. Actually I looked him up because I had found a piece of jewelry from his studio in my collection and was polishing it up to be a good luck charm to wear to the art shows I’m doing this summer. I thought he might get a kick out of that so I searched his name and found his Page. Then I took a nice picture of the necklace I bought from him years ago and posted it on his Page with an appreciative little narrative. Reaction? Zip. Nada. Zilch. My photo is just hanging there. I obviously made a small, respectful effort here and it feels just a little sucky that it goes unacknowledged.

Your Facebook Page is Your Business is You!

It’s like I walked into his shop and said the same thing and he didn’t look up from what he was doing or acknowledge me in any way. Question: how do I feel at that instant about buying something else from this dude? Right? Not very likely. Did I need a story back? Nope, a “Thanks for sharing.” or even a push of the “Like” link would’ve sufficed. But looking at other stuff on his Page, a lot of interactions from Fans goes unacknowledged. I don’t think he’s being mean, I think he doesn’t get the importance of engaging with his fans.

This is SOCIAL Networking

Be social! Talk, comment, share, like! It’s what Facebook is all about. Believe me, this guy isn’t the only Page like this. I bump into them all the time. I know the people behind these Pages that come off this way are not mean people. I think they don’t quite understand how this Facebook thing works is all. It’s interactive and for users it feels very personal. So missteps have some bit of impact.


If you’re more or at least as popular as God. Lady Gaga, with her MILLIONS of Fans can be forgiven if her minions can’t keep up with all the action on her Page. So can other highly popular Pages. But I promise you, the Pages that ENGAGE with their Fans are the ones who create a lot more Fan loyalty and Fan Loyalty means more business!

If you’ve got less than 10,000 fans – you should be there interacting with who steps up. If you’ve got 10,000+ Fans – you should hire someone to look after your Page for you if you’re too busy doing other things. Or change those settings so your Fans can’t post much and feel ignored.

Another Exception

You don’t have to engage with crackpots. You can (and often should) ignore them. But don’t just automatically delete their comments – let your other Fans take care of them. What this does is empowers your real Fans  to step up on your behalf which tightens their bond with your brand amazingly enough! And that is a wonderful thing. However, feel free to block anyone who isn’t playing nice if they won’t stop.

Yet Another Exception

You don’t want more business. You’re already in over your head and you don’t want to encourage people, lol. But wait – just adjust your Page settings so no one but you can talk on your Page. Or, delete your Page if you’re too busy hauling bags of money to the bank, lol.

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6 Responses to Is Your Facebook Page Kinda Snotty?

  1. Eva McGinnis says:

    Some very good advice – so I’m following it with a positive comment..

  2. Rosie A says:

    Great advice, Marti! I have a perhaps unusual Fan Page problem. A Fan whose frequent comments are seemingly bright and cheerful, but are actually digs. She’d asked to be a client, but was such a stone cold nightmare, I had to drop her. I was losing money due to her childish, outrageous demands (and nonpayment).

    I have so far ignored her comments on my Page, but she has a way of attracting others’ approval. A passive aggressive genius crackpot. I’m ready to block, but know this person would wage a brilliant passive aggressive campaign elsewhere.

    WWID? What Would Iota Do?

    • martimu says:

      Wow. That’s a tricky one eh? So ignoring her is damaging because it attracts approval form others….so let me ask this: does the approval from others also go against you? If it does you have to steer the conversation differently. If not, then you’re gaining more positive and can probably leave well enough alone. That said though, this is YOUR page, you get to call the shots. Here’s an off the wall idea, does she tend to use certain trigger words that you can add to your profanity block list? That would shut her down.
      Iota believes it in the saying “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”. So we think your instincts to not block her but to manage her input are sound.
      Is there a way you can comment on her posts without sounding defensive (not that you are) but can serve to draw her out more into the open?

      • Rosie A says:

        I WISH she used words I could ad to my profanity block list. No, here we have Pollyanna Sunshine, always posting irrelevant but cheery aphorisms that go against my advice but make her appear wonderful and caring.

        If I post a time-sensitive event or a new foal, she’ll “top” me with some likely manufactured crisis/news and a bunch of photos of TWIN new foals or a particularly scruffy looking rescue, along with a plea for attention—-and a little plug about how wonderful I am, when I have nothing to do with her. I think she (a) scours the Internet looking for these things, and (b) wants people to think we’re close. You know? A diabolical attention seeker, with mental health issues.

        Iota, I assure you you would “Ka-POW” her.

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