Marti About

Marti McGinnis is a prolific artist who engages with a wide array of media with joy, an optimistic outlet and generally a whole lot of color. She has been making her living as an artist since she returned from a stint with the U.S. Peace Corps several decades ago.

Her resume of creating large bodies of work and showing and selling these using a variety of outlets (galleries, art fairs, online platforms, etc) tells the tale of a creative energy that seeks new adventures! She has successfully explored many media running it all ‘through the Marti filter’. In other words, when Marti tackles painting, welding, cartooning, felting, paper mache, sewing, clay, etc – you know it was her who created the resulting pieces when she’s done. She has developed an instantly recognizable visual language that exerts itself no matter the media.

She is also an enthusiastic champion of the arts and finds great joy in teaching others.

Marti lives with her husband as well as 2 chubby horses, 3 dogs and a couple of cats on the side of an extinct volcano in central Mexico’s highland country just outside the artist’s mecca of San Miguel de Allende.