My social media marketing clients know I’m big on WordPress as a Content Management Systam for their small business web sites. I love its flexibility and the easy back-end interface. You can add widgets and other experiential plugins that help your site maximize its reach with a minimized learning curve. Since we’re all busy actually doing our business cutting down on having to learn coding and html scripting keeps us free to do what we do best!

I subscribe to several blogs written by new media experts and experimenters so I can keep abreast of new developments as they come down the pike. Ana Hoffman has a blog I really like. It’s linked below. You may want to check her out – or you may want to let me continue filtering out the good stuff for you here. In any case – I’m considering adding the theme to this blog that she’s recommending below – and by pasting tat blurb into this post I have a chance to win it for free!

And you know what? That’s how a good bit of this online networking business gets done – by people sharing information and helping each other generate more targeted traffic to their posts and content. It’s a win win win situation and totally circumvents some of the ubiquitous spam tactics the lazier or less informed resort to.

There is a great giveaway going on at the Traffic Generation Cafe Blog where you can win your own copy of Thesis Theme, as well as a 30-minute consultation with Ana Hoffman. Participating is very easy! Visit Thesis Theme giveaway page for more information.

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